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Since i was young, I’ve always been creative. My mind was constantly moving, my hands always needed to do something. Anything that would allow me to express myself made me feel amazing. From studios to sketch pads, it just came natural. ¬†For so long I’ve thought about blogging. Meeting people and opening the doors to my soul. Today, i finally decided to stop procrastinating. Welcome to my blogging journey.

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Road Block

You were lost

Not by accident

This was intentional

For you knew what path to follow

Yet you still roam

Venturing further away from home

Without a destination

For I’ve hit a dead end

I stopped searching for you


Above your head

You encouraged me to leap

Cheering me on with such passion

How could I not

Pushing off head first

I jump

Falling ever so fast

That it’s merely breathtaking

I get closer and closer

Reaching out my hands

To notice your distance

Suddenly farther than I could see

Please catch me

For the trust I had in you

Gave me hope


Bright as the stars above

You are something so distant

Yet close enough to appreciate

How even in the darkest of days

Your glow is more radiant than ever

I longed for something so captivating

With hopes that this black hole

Could emit the same light as you

Afraid that you’d notice

I fall back into the shadows

Admiring from a far

You light up my life


Live your life carefree

Love without limits

Be who you are

Not what society wants you to be

For you are


In a room full of silver


Wilted became the flowers

Lost in darkness

The beams that once caressed them

Had disappeared

Yet one petal clinged for dear life

With hopes of growing

Balled up

Be free

These chains have became rusty

No need to look back


Leap into your journey

For the life you left behind

Was a drag


We were nothing alike

Drifting away

Like a car around a tight bend

With hopes that we would make it

We crash

Losing every piece of the foundation

That held us together

Destruction was our finish line


When you hold on to things that you should let go of, you punish yourself. You believe you want it so badly, that you overlook the fact that it’s never been a necessity. You forget that BEFORE this very moment, YOU were without this one thing that your heart now desires.

That, BEFORE you gave your time, energy and affection. YOU never even knew that this existed. That this thing is merely something you’ve breathed life into over and over again and if you simply held your breath just long enough, it would vanish. Over time we breathe life into things and we keep these things on life support, until we can no longer afford to suffer.

BEFORE we pull the plug, we ponder, we strategize, and we settle. Because even with the support being given, that thing that we so desire is still here. Still in reach and we have convinced ourselves that we’re helping this thing survive. When in reality the best thing to do is pull the plug. Because BEFORE this, they were breathing just fine on their own.

Maybe…Maybe Not

Maybe it’s just me, but do you ever feel like people only hear you once you yell? Curse? Or cry? Like when you’re calm, prepared and focused during what should be a much needed discussion. To them you’re suddenly Charlie Brown’s teacher. Like what the hell is that about? You’ve mentally prepared yourself for any questions they may have, any dates, pictures and text and yet for some odd reason. The planned discussion is literally just you reciting the speech you prepared with your friends through text 4 hours before. And yet they hear ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, but let a WTF? SHIT! FUCK THIS! slip out and ATTEEEEENTTTTIONNNNN! All eyes are front and suddenly ever word that left your tongue was heard except the ones that mattered. And the once calm adult conversation you were trying to have is merely a pointless argument that started at WTF….. Maybe it’s just me.

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